CanopyLED 10

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- 30 high output Samsung™ LEDs for a clean, white output with a stellar CRI rating

- 24"" / 61cm of wire between each cluster for custom installations

- Highly efficient 0.75 amp power draw & 50,000 hour LED lifetime

- Fully waterproof for exterior use on canopies, along railings, etc

- Easy two-wire install compatible with all 12V DC marine systems


The AquaLitz™ by Alpena® CanopyLED 10™ links 10 versatile, waterproof pods together for custom installations in interiors and on exteriors. 24" or 61 cm of wire between clusters allows you to space the pods along decks, canopies, railings and more to fit boats and spaces of all varying sizes. CanopyLED 10™ uses 3 Samsung™ LEDs per pod and emits a clean, crisp white with a stellar color rendering index. All 10 pods only draw 0.75 amps total for exceptional efficiency making the CanopyLED 10™ an excellent choice for lower power marine systems and circuits. Each pod is backed by the highest quality 3M™ foam tape to adhere to almost any surface can be used on trailers, swim decks and other areas and can be submerged.

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