LED Bar 22

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- Intense spot beam pattern

- Instant ON/OFF

- UV resistant & shatterproof polycarbonate lens

- Stainless steel mounting hardware with pivoting, adjustable mounts

- 50,000 hour LED operation lifetime

- 12-24V compatible

- Aluminum alloy, heatsink design housing allows for cool operation and longer operating life

- Color: White


Featuring an intense spot beam pattern, the LEDBar™ creates a bright, concentrated output. Each bar is efficient and powerful, featuring a dual row of Cree™ LEDs for maximum output and quality. A shatterproof, UV resistant polycarbonate lens ensures clear vision while an aluminum alloy, heatsink design housing ensures cool operation for durability and long life. All Alpena LED light bars are designed for max brightness and longevity. Our extensive testing revealed after several hours of testing LED bars to operate the brightest and last longest at our optimized power design. Don't let big lumens and power numbers fool you, these bars are built to last, shine bright, and live up to our claimed output numbers for the long haul. IP67 rated, the housing is both shockproof and waterproof. Rated for 50,000 hours of use on any 12-24V system each LED bar comes complete with pivoting, adjustable mounts for a full range of movement for light aiming. Great for illuminating off-road, on the job site, and more. Mounts to a wide range of vehicles including trucks, SUVs, heavy machinery, farm equipment.

More Information
Color White
Voltage 12-24V
Power (W) 86 W
Amperage at 12V (A) 7.2 A
Waterproofing IP65
Lumens 8000lm
Installation Type Bolt On
Warranty 50,000hr LED Lifetime
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